RDE, Inc. — Partnering with Restaurants to Thrive During America’s Reopening!

RDE is proud to own and operate America’s largest restaurant-focused discount brand.

You can share in the recovery of America’s restaurant industry by becoming a part-owner of RDE, Inc. and

Share Price: $2.50
Minimum Investment: $250.00
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Purchasers will receive common stock of RDE, Inc. in book form at a transfer agent. You can sell your shares directly from the transfer agent or you can have the shares delivered to a brokerage account. You do not need a brokerage account to invest in RDE, Inc.
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Reg A+ Exemption

We are using an exemption from registration under Regulation A+ to allow everyone to participate.
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We are an SEC reporting company traded under the ticker symbol RSTN.
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Company $28M Valuation

Our company valuation as of Dec 2020 is $28 Million
Woman enjoying a mealWoman enjoying a meal is a pioneer in the deal space and a trusted source.

Restaurants and Coronavirus

It’s impossible to talk about and not talk about the Coronavirus. The virus devastated the restaurant industry. More than 110,000 restaurants closed for good. The ones that survived often saw huge portions of their revenue go to delivery services. The delivery platforms allowed many restaurants to survive, but as much as 30 percent of what a diner pays for a delivery goes to those delivery platforms. To thrive, restaurants need people to come back in person.  And people are eager to be delighted by a great in-person restaurant experience. is proud to take a leadership role in helping restaurants move from surviving to thriving during the Great Reopening. In the model, the restaurant decides the size of the discount and when to offer it. acts as a partner to deliver discounts to diners the way that the restaurants want them. Unlike the delivery platforms and the daily deal sites, does not charge a fee to the restaurants for the discounts we deliver. by the numbers

Dollars saved by our customers
Diners who use
Restaurants acquiring customers with
Other businesses for whom we offer discounts

RDE Inc.’s Ingredients for Success

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Massive Growth Opportunity
As the Great Reopening rolls across America, the restaurant industry will be the first and fastest sector to recover. We expect that’s revenues will recover to normal levels very quickly and that we will see accelerating growth from there.
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Restaurants Partner with us
Discounts offered through fill more than 3.5 million tables each year.
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Technology Upgrades Coming was an underutilized platform when RDE purchased it. In fact, that is why RDE purchased it. We will upgrade’s technology and user interface allowing us to expand and partner with more restaurants, other businesses, and affiliate partnership networks while making more attractive for diners to use.
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Additional Services
RDE is also preparing to offer more services and new discount tools such as promotional assistance, business management tools, and lower credit card fees. These services will open up a new revenue source for and cement our partnerships with restaurants.
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Unique Business Model
Unlike daily deal sites and the big delivery platforms, we act as a partner to restaurants.

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Server delivering food to table with a face mask onServer delivering food to table with a face mask on
In the hospitality business they say that the most expensive thing in a restaurant is an empty table. helps our restaurant partners fill those seats.

The Restaurant Revival is Underway!

The global pandemic devastated America’s restaurants, particularly the independent restaurants we all love. The Great Reopening is a massive opportunity to revitalize the restaurant industry as people will be eager to go out and dine in person again.

Restaurants will recover to earlier levels quickly. The Covid relief bill passed by Congress dedicates $28.6 billion to restaurants so they can prepare for diners to return. And it provided at least $1,400 to most Americans who will use some of that money to dine out. will help restaurants find diners. We partner with restaurants to bring discounts to diners. Our restaurant customers control the entire process, so they can make the discounts part of a complete marketing plan to fill their tables as diners return to the restaurants they love.

Icon showing people connecting with one another connects diners and restaurants and both benefit. Restaurants get new customers to turn into profitable regulars and diners get a big discount and discover new favorites.  

How Does it Work? partners with a restaurant to give a discount to diners. Say, a $10 discount from a minimum order of $50, or $5 off a $10 order. sells those discounts to diners at a fraction of the face value – that is how we make our money.  The diner gets a discount and a new dining experience, the restaurant fills more tables and the chance to create a regular customer, increasing its revenue. partners with restaurants, which, in addition to a new customer, receive:
  • Promotion of their restaurant to millions of potential diners
  • Custom microsites for desktop and mobile
  • Further exposure through’s sophisticated search, email, mobile, and social media programs mockups on multiple devices

Our team has over 100 years of experience in building businesses

"At, we are excited about all the opportunities our future holds. That’s why we’re investing in new technologies and enhancing our platform that will set the standard in this industry for many years to come.”
Ketan Thakker
CEO & Chairman
Ketan Thakker headshot

Team Members

With over 20 years of experience in finance and operations, Ketan served as CFO for helping the company to grow from $20M to $125M annually. He was also the founder of prior to joining in 2013. He is an accredited CPA who holds an MBA from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management.

Ketan Thakker
Ketan Thakker
CEO and Chairman

Aaron joined in 2010 as general counsel and became President in 2017. He coordinates management initiatives across, and is responsible for all legal affairs of the Company. Over 20 years of experience as a general counsel and business executive for direct marketing and e-commerce companies. Juris Doctor from University of Chicago Law School in 1988.

Aaron Horowitz
Aaron Horowitz
President and General Counsel

Josh joined in 2019. Josh is responsible for all IT activities, e.g. IT infrastructure, software development, hardware, etc. Over 17 years of experience as an IT professional in the marketing, healthcare, manufacturing and government industries. Extensive experience in cloud computing. Josh received his B.S. from DeVry in Chicago, and his MBA from Keller Graduate School.

Josh Randall
Josh Randall
VP of Technology

Tim has been with the B2B division since its inception in 2004. Tim manages the Enterprise clients and leads the B2B Division. Sold hundreds of millions of dollars of product in B2B sales that have helped our business clients grow their business.

Tim Miller
Tim Miller
VP - Enterprise B2B Sales

Board Members

Kevin has nearly 40 years of experience in product introduction and direct marketing. He is also known for being one of the first to market products through infomercials in 1984. A serial entrepreneur,Mr. Harrington appeared as one of the original panelists on “SharkTank,” from 2009 to 2011. He currently serves as a director ofCelsius Corp., Emergent Health Corp., and Redwood ScientificTechnologies, Inc.

Kevin Harrington
Kevin Harrington
Board Member

Currently CEO of Pepex Biomedical. His business leadership background includes serving as the Chief Executive Officer of three NASDAQ-listed companies, including most recently with Alliance MMA, Inc., a sports promotion and media firm.

Paul Danner
Paul Danner
Board Member

Mr. Wingo is Executive Chairman of Channel Advisor, and has served as chairman of our board of directors since our inception in 2001. Prior to founding the company, he served as general manager of GoTo Auctions, chief executive officer and co-founder of, which was acquired by, and as CEO and co-founder of Stingray Software, which was acquired by Rogue Wave.

Scott Wingo
Scott Wingo
Board Member

Investment bonus rewards

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Receive $250 RDC Gift Card
Receive a $500 RDC Gift Card
Receive a $750 RDC Gift Card
Receive a $1,000 RDC Gift Card

Invest Now in RDE, Inc.

Investors can share in the recovery of the restaurant industry by owning a slice of RDE, Inc. and
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